How to Order

Before you proceed to order, please understand the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. U.S. customers ONLY. Sorry if you're outside the U.S., shipping is too expensive for you; if you really want something and are willing to pay the costs, email me.
  2. Shipping costs will depend on the weight of the item. USPS First Class, unless you have other requests.
  3. You will pay via Paypal. You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay, a bank account or card is fine, PayPal will guide you through it, it's the safest way to go.
  4. Make your payment within 3 days, otherwise, prepare to go on my Blacklist.
  5. No refund/return/exchange.
  6. Item will be shipped within 3 business days
If I see the need, I will add more to this.

To Order, send an enquiry to ([at]gmail[dot]com) filling out the following form.

Full Name:
Postal Address:

Please check your email.
And I will tell you the total cost including shipping & ask you to confirm your order.
After you have confirmed your order, I will email you a request for payment, and you will proceed to pay.
After you have paid, notify me through email.

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